The Buddy System

by Cherie Call and Lyndy Butler

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Cherie Call and Lyndy Butler team up to create music for energetic, creative kids and the parents who love them.


released August 8, 2016

Produced by Ryan Tilby at Spiral Studios in St. George, Utah
Mixed by Scott Wiley at June Audio in Provo, Utah
Mastered by Michael Greene at Metcom Studios in Salt Lake City, Utah

Cherie Call: guitar, vocals
Lyndy Butler: piano, guitar, vocals
Ryan Tilby: banjo, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitars, upright and electric bass, hand claps
John Houston: keyboards
Chris Flaig: drums and percussion
Steve Lemmon: electric bass and bells

My Greatest Adventure, Like a Butterfly, and I Love You All The Colors written by Lyndy Butler ©2016 Lucky Bird Music (ASCAP)

If That's What You Want to Do, Oh, No! Oh, Yes!, and There for You written by Cherie Call ©2016 Mendonhouse Music (ASCAP)

Radio Flyer, The Buddy System, Yours and Mine, and The Astronaut and the Mermaid written by Cherie Call and Lyndy Butler ©2016 Mendonhouse Music (ASCAP)/Lucky Bird Music (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


Cherie Call and Lyndy Butler Saint George, Utah

Cherie Call and Lyndy Butler each have successful solo careers. They've teamed up to do their first album of children's music.
Cherie and her husband, Joe have four children. Lyndy and her husband, Jon also have four children. All those kids have inspired some fun, heartfelt songs Lyndy and Cherie hope you love.
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Track Name: My Greatest Adventure
Knapsacks packed with PB&J's
Boots tied tight, we're on our way
Gonna take the path less traveled by
Can't wait to see the whole world through those big brown eyes

My greatest adventure is written on your face
So many things to wonder
So many dreams to chase
The world is full of magic and when you see it you shine bright like the sun
Out of every adventure, you're my favorite one

Take me down under the tamarisk
Show me all you've found, little archeologist
How your eyes get wide with each discovery
And how you take me back, my tiny time machine


All we need is a shady tree
Where we can leave our fears and our cares be hind
I've got the whole world in my hands
When you're hand's in mine


©2016 Lucky Bird Music (ASCAP)
Track Name: If That's What You Want to Do
Someday you're gonna grow tall
And you won't fit in those shoes at all
You might wear boots or a fire hat
Or maybe dancing shoes or a baseball cap
You might fly a jet, you don't need to decide just yet
But if your mind gets set on a dream that't true, so true, oh and

That's what you want to do,
Then that's what you're gonna do
There's no stopping you
If that's what you want to do

Someday, rain's gonna fall
And you might wonder if dreams make any sense at all
You might need a friend, you might need a break
But you won't be through, make no mistake
You're gonna blaze a trail, and even if you fall you will never fail
Honey I can tell, you're gonna make it through and through oh, if


Maybe all you know for sure right now is that you still just want to be a kid
You are my hero
Because the heart of a child will change the world
So you should never keep it hid
No matter what you do, it's true, oh if


©2016 Mendonhouse Music (ASCAP)
Track Name: Oh, No! Oh, Yes!
Oh, no! I skinned my knee!
Oh, no! It really stings!
Oh, no! It makes me cry!
I think it hurts so bad I might lay down and die

But I can jump back up again and save the day, oh, yes!
And I know that everything will be okay, oh, yes!
I can get back on my feet and try again to do my best!
Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yes!

Oh, no! I lost the game!
Oh, no! It's such a shame!
Oh, no! It makes me mad!
This is the most upsetting time I've ever had!


Every day there are smiles and frowns
I can take the bad and turn it upside down
Every day there are ups and downs
Times get tough and then they spin right back around


©2016 Mendonhouse Music (ASCAP)
Track Name: I Love You All the Colors
Long ago, not so far away
Someone who loves you created this beautiful place
Where you can run and laugh and find your own path
With a secret message to be found
Just by looking around

Big as the blue, soft as the white
Warm as the yellow, and as deep as the blackest night
All the love in the red, all the life in the green
I love you all the colors I've ever seen
Yes, I love you all the colors

Now you are mine, I'll never be the same
You make me feel like sunlight reflecting off of rain
Little drops that fall change what's small into a miracle
Oh, what a view!
It's the only way to describe my love for you


Even when we're apart
My love is there
Where the colors are


©˙2016 Lucky Bird Music (ASCAP)
Track Name: The Astronaut and the Mermaid
Once there was a mermaid swimming gracefully
When a spaceship started sinking to the bottom of the sea
It landed in her garden and she kind of felt annoyed
But the spaceman was just a boy
She hid behind some coral to watch him for a bit
He looked a little lost, then he found a place to sit
She swam and sat beside him and she thought she saw him smile
When she said maybe he could visit for a while
She said

Maybe an astronaut and a mermaid could be good friends
Even though we're not the same
We could save each other from the monsters
And play each other's games
If we learned each other's names

He said the ocean's not so different from outer space
I'm feel kind of weightless in this underwater place
And your hair looks cool and crazy, and there are fish that look like stars
Tomorrow maybe we could go to Mars
I'll bet you'd like to swim around in zero gravity
And the martians won't be scary as long as you're with me
And we could chase the comets, I think it sounds like fun
And you could still be home for dinner when we're done
He said


The universe is wide
And it holds so much love inside
If you open up your eyes and see
These stars were made for you
Just as much as me

©2016 Mendonhouse Music (ASCAP/Lucky Bird Music (ASCAP)
Track Name: Yours and Mine
Like the sands of the sea or the stars above me
I'm just one among a number without end
A few lines of poetry in a giant library
Ready to give you all I am
In a world where if it's broken you can throw it all away
The tide takes down the castle and it can be replaced but

There'll never be another you and me
This pair is one of a kind
And there never has been and there never will be a love like
Yours and mine

Like a perfect little snowflake there's no one else like you
Even with a million falling down
And I will always see you when the storms are swirling around
And you're feeling like a face lost in a crowd
In a world where if it's broken you can throw it all away
The wind keeps changing everything but
Our love will stay and


You will hold my heart forever
You'll leave your fingerprints
And I'll belong to you

©2016 Lucky Bird Music (ASCAP)/Mendonhouse Music (ASCAP)
Track Name: The Buddy System
Sometime you're gonna try it all by yourself
But it won't work out quite how you imagine
And then the next time you're gonna reach out to a friend
And that'll make all of the difference

Every ninja needs a sensei
Every captain needs a first mate
Somebody to assist them
Or just someone to listen
You don't have to do it all alone
Use the buddy system

The best kite will fall down from the sky
If you don't have a string to attach it to
And a high five with just one hand in the air
It doesn't even know what it's supposed to do


Every storyteller needs someone to tell their story to
And every poet needs a muse
Every singer needs a song
Everyone needs to belong
With a pal who understands
And will be their biggest fan

Everybody needs a buddy, everybody needs one
Everybody needs a buddy, everybody needs one


©2016 Lucky Bird Music (ASCAP)/Mendonhouse Music (ASCAP)
Track Name: There for You
If you ever have a dream
That takes you far, far across the sea
And you're racing across the desert sand
On a stallion as fast as you can
I'll be there, too
I'll be the biggest fan of you, it's true

If you call my name, I will hear you and find you anywhere you are
All my love races like a comet up above just to reach you
Just to be there
And I will be there for you

If you ever feel alone
I am always closer than you know
Like the sunlight shining in your hair
My heart is with you everywhere
Your whole day through
Forever I'll believe in you, it's true


My love has no finish line
I'll be running for you all my life


©2016 Mendonhouse Music (ASCAP)
Track Name: Like a Butterfly
Square peg, round hole
Searching for the perfect place to go
Instead of trying to fit in
You were born to stand out
Like a butterfly
You don't let them pin you down

Old soul, new life
Enchanted by your nature to do what's right
Not for anyone else, not even for me
But for you, you show your colors so brilliantly
Like a butterfly, you don't let them pin you down

No net, cork board or glass display
Could keep your free spirit from fluttering away

Square peg, round hole,
Anywhere you are is where my heart will go
Instead of trying to fit in
You were born to stand out
Like a butterfly, you don't let them pin you down

©2016 Lucky Bird Music (ASCAP)
Track Name: Radio Flyer
Feel the wind at my back
Feel the rhythm of each sidewalk crack
I'm packing everything you can imagine
I've got a lunch bag full of shiny rocks
Licorice and a real live frog
Gonna take on the world in my little red wagon

Radio Flyer, let's start an adventure
I'm leaving it up to you to hold my treasure
Rollin' down a hillside for a little thrill ride
I see my life flash before my eyes upon my Radio Flyer

Well you never know what you're gonna need
So I pull it all right behind me
While I'm curtsying to queens and chasing dragons
And when I finally save the day
My friends are there to have a big parade
With teddy bears and dolls in my little red wagon


I'm keeping you with me if I ever grow up
So you can always carry all the things I love


©2016 Lucky Bird Music (ASCAP)/Mendonhouse Music (ASCAP)